How to avoid cross contamination

This is one module in a larger course designed to close food safety skills gaps in new hires at a (fictional) fast casual restaurant chain.
Articulate Storyline 360
Vyond (embedded animations)
Canva (associated job aids)
My roles:
Instructional designer
elearning developer

For more information on the strategic goals of this training and instructional design choices, see the strategy document.


Newly hired chefs at a fictional fast casual restaurant chain are getting too many food safety violations. Although some of the new hires perform exceptionally well, others are not meeting standards because of a knowledge gap around proper commercial kitchen food handling procedures.


The elearning module shown here uses realistic scenarios and real-world consequences to close the safe food handling knowledge gap. Learners are encouraged to refer to job aids within the training as a way to help quickly close the knowledge gap and to highlight the tools that are on available on the job.


Within the elearning module, assessment questions are realistic and scenario-based. Learners must get all questions correct in order to pass the module, due to the critical nature of the information.

The success of the food safety skills training will be evaluated by comparing future and historical health department inspection scores. Restaurants are expected to meet defined metrics on health department inspections and to achieve the scores in the highest category (grade A).

This is one of several job aids created as part of the food safety course. When properly used, job aids can be important tools to help close knowledge gaps and improve employee performance quickly and easily. The elearning portion of the course leverages job aids by encouraging learners to refer to them during scenarios.